Photography as a physical object with its own agenda: Feature Extraction – Photography as Raw Data by Lilly Lulay at Galerie Klüser, Munich.

What are embroidered images of Nokia cell phones and Gameboys doing in an exhibition of contemporary photography? Possible answers maybe found in the working method of artist Lilly Lulay (*1985, Frankfurt a. M.) and a visit to an exhibition at Munich’s Galerie Klüser.

For the artist, who studied photography, sculpture, and media sociology, photographic images are initially a kind of “raw material” to be processed further. Sources for the pieces on view in the exhibition include physical locations like flea markets but also the virtual world. Lulay alters the images she collects using handicraft techniques or she develops them further, thereby exposing content and aesthetic qualities that were initially obscured to us viewers. Among other things, these alterations lead to seemingly complex collages and the aforementioned embroideries with their iconic references to the early years of digitization.

For Lulay, photography is not limited to a two-dimensional surface with pictorial information. It has manifold qualities as a physical-sculptural object. In this way, her medium becomes an independent “agent” in the real world. In addition to new spaces of action and reflection that open up, the artist is also interested in the multiple mechanisms behind digitally produced and distributed images, which today are made mostly via smartphone. She encourages active engagement with the medium of photography in her art, perhaps to arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of the image culture in which we daily participate.


LILLY LULAY Feature Extraction – Photography as Raw Data
Opening: September 10 | 6 – 9 pm
Special opening hours: September 11 & 12 | 11 am – 6 pm