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Perceiving and Looking

Sophie Bader is an entrepreneur, avid art lover and dedicated collector. This year, she is not only a guest at Various Others, but also a host. We talked to her about her collection, her enthusiasm for art, impressions and visions


What sparked your passion for collecting?

Of course, my passion for art has something to do with my personality and its development. I would describe myself as a person who has the infinite good fortune to be able to break free from societal expectations or dictates, to have the grace to be able to live my beliefs and visions. Passion and a strong will have accompanied me in all phases of life. Art has given me its ability to discover impressions and visions. Through collecting, I discovered how it feels not only to be able to look at art, but also to live with art.

munich collects 1 sophie bader

How would you describe your personal relationship with art?

As soon as I immerse myself in the world of art, I experience it as "active meditation". Value-free, open, unconventional, and unconditionally beautiful, the works of art stand before me. They want to be seen, they want to be felt and experienced. They want to tell me their point of view or story, they just want to be. This is something I strongly miss in my business world. Works of art impress me in their charming way, they want to be found and I get involved with them.


How has your approach changed over time?

I started to train my eye with a lot of "perceiving and looking", exploring what kind of art appeals to me the most and, since there are no coincidences in life, I was allowed to meet great people who brought me closer to different angles and points of view, broadening my horizon. I immersed myself in a world that I find enriching. Just as music is for some people, writing and the fine arts have always been that for me. Meanwhile, I make my decisions for or against a work in a few moments and if I can afford it, I give in to the second glance and a new work may find its place.

munich collects 1 sophie bader

Do you collect according to certain criteria or is there a certain orientation in your collection?

Of course, a certain tendency has developed over the years. I would say the abstract monochrome, color gradients and transitions in different materials, on canvas, plexiglass or epoxy resin often come up. However, it is light that has prevailed most as the source of my vision: light and color, the beauty of light in all its facets, the transitions and shades, the colors and their effect on us and space. I have to smile, actually: I would not necessarily describe myself as a collector, rather as a "huntress of light and shadow". The polarity of life, which makes us individuals with all our development and development possibilities.


Various Others is starting soon. What are you particularly looking forward to?

To the exchange with people, to visiting people and strolling through the art world in Munich. I am very happy and find it incredibly thoughtful that Max Goelitz has chosen me and that you want to visit me and my collection. For that my best thanks.