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See you soon in Munich: Sundy and LC Queisser hosted by Nir Altman

Various Others as a collaborative endeavor thrives through the interaction with guests and partners from abroad. Before the grand kick-off during the second weekend of September we talk to gallerists, artists and others whom we are excited to welcome in Munich in the fall. This year, Nir Altman is hosting Sundy from London and LC Queisser based in Tbilisi.


Various Others: How did the collaboration between your galleries come together?

Nir Altman: The idea of Various Others is to create an international platform in Munich, so for me it was important to invite galleries from outside of Germany. And both Lisa and Francesca run relatively young galleries. We have known each other for a while now and I really appreciate their programs and the artists they show. I can relate with what they are doing. Something we also have in common is that we each opened our galleries not in our hometowns, that is an aspect I can personally identify with. But it is also about visibility: to give them the possibility to exhibit in Munich, to get to know the art scene here. I am happy that we are doing this together and the group show that we are going to exhibit will make a lot of sense.

Francesca von Zedtwitz-Arnim, Sundy: It is exciting for me and I am really happy that Nir invited us. I have known Lisa for years, so doing something like this together feels like a lovely meet-up. I am from Munich but haven’t lived there for a very long time so it is great to come. Sundy has only been a gallery for about two years and a half, so I am really excited to reconnect with Munich and Germany. There are a lot of contacts in Munich, but as we are based in London, it is not always that easy to tend to these. It is good for us to travel back, we also have a couple of artists in our program that are based there. It all feels very good, I am excited.

Lisa Offermann, LC Queisser: I am also German but I haven’t been to Munich in a long time. So I am also excited. I would love to explore the scene there. Being invited by a local gallery certainly gives you a different introduction. I love collaborative projects like Various Others because it gives us different opportunities. We are based in the periphery of the art world, in Tbilisi and projects like this are a super important generator to meet people and to promote our program. I am happy that the collaboration with Nir worked out this year, and with Francesca. It is a really exciting constellation. I think the positions we are planning to show fit together quite well . I'm very happy about the collaboration.

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Emmanuel Awuni: Flow, 2022 oil, acrylic on canvas 160 x 130 x 2 cm, courtesy of the artist and Sundy, London.

How did you select the artists you are showing?

Francesca von Zedtwitz-Arnim: It was a longer process; we were open from the beginning and talking about what each of us would find interesting. Starting from our programs we narrowed it down to what could and would make sense for us. It was an organic, collaborative process.

Lisa Offermann: Yes, it was really organic, and the decisions came easily.


What do you expect from Various Others?

Francesca von Zedtwitz-Arnim: It is an opportunity to connect with a different scene through the introduction of the local gallery. For us this is the first project of such nature so I can't really say I have expectations. It is an opportunity to show our program and artists in a different context and in collaboration with other galleries. I am excited about the collaborative aspect, diving into a new context that would not be so easily accessible otherwise.

Lisa Offermann: I don't think too much about the commercial aspect. It is more an introduction to a new scene, to new contacts, to new conversations and of course to new clients. But also to artists. As I am not based in Germany, it is nice to reconnect and connect with new artistic positions. This is what I am looking for.

Nir Altman: For me, Various Others is an integral part of my program. I really enjoy the collaborative aspect, my gallery can act as a platform and during the opening weekend a lot is happening. It is a great opportunity for everyone involved, it creates visibility. For me, a gallery is always part of a network, and this is a great way to expand this network.


Is there anything you are looking forward to in Munich that is not connected to Various Others?

Francesca von Zedtwitz-Arnim: That time of the year is super nice in Munich. I'm sure we are not going to get bored and will definitely drink some beer outside.


Thank you very much and see you soon in Munich!



LC Queisser, Tbilisi
Sundy, London

hosted by Nir Altman

Emmanuel Awuni, Won Cha, Ndayé Kouagou
Opening 09.09.