See you soon in Munich: OMR, Mexico City hosted by max goelitz

Various Others as a collaborative endeavour thrives through the interaction with guests and partners from abroad. Before the grand kick-off during the second weekend of September we talk to gallerists, artists and others whom we are excited to welcome in Munich in the fall. This year max goelitz invited OMR from Mexico City.


How did the collaboration between your galleries come together?

Max Goelitz: I first met Cristobal Riestra and Kerstin Erdman from OMR 15 years ago – a long time before I opened max goelitz. After many common projects and collaborations over the past years – a long-standing friendship and a close partnership developed. It’s an essential part of max goelitz, to cooperate with such profiled international partners and to present internationally emerging and established artists for the first time to our local audience here in Germany.


How did you select the artist you are showing?

Max Goelitz: Over the years I frequently visited Mexico, there I met Gabriel Rico and became a huge admirer of his work. He was also part of take me to, the very first show after I formed my gallery in 2020. Today we are thrilled to have the possibility to present his first solo exhibition in Germany in the occasion of Various Others 2022.

VII from the series - Nimble and sinister tricks (To be preserved with out scandal and corruption) 2018 - 2023-, 2020, Courtesy of Galería OMR, Mexico City, Copyright of the artist, Photo: Studio Rico.

What do you expect from Various Others?

Simone Stoll, max goelitz: We value the dialogue and exchange, which comes to live when Munich is filled with guests and friends from all over the world. We especially look forward to the interaction between artist, artworks and visitors in when there were more donkeys than icosahedrons – it is special to me to see what impact art can have.


Is there anything you are looking forward to in Munich that is not connected to Various Others?

OMR: Travel itself is so inspiring; no matter the destination, we love the chance to experience the culture of another city...its art scene, its galleries and museums and beyond that, new restaurants and flavors, and really getting our teeth into the local culture wherever we go. Any chance to see old friends and make new ones too, definitely on our list!



OMR, Mexico City

hosted by max goelitz

when there were more donkeys than icosahedrons

Gabriel Rico


Opening 09.09.